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We keep you updated and you always know on what stage your cargo is in the logistics supply chain. We know you always want to know what is going on and our mission is to listen to you and find you the best solutions in the logistics sector.


We provide all additional information and explanation you need about services, transportation and pricing. There are no hidden or extra fees.


The only thing you have to do is to let us know where and when the cargo is ready and we will take care of it from the beginning to the end.

"In the end, time is money, and we don’t want you to waste yours."

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We transport to any destination.


Don’t believe it? Challenge us.

7LL makes transport easy


We make more than logistics for you.

» We transport your goods.

» We take care of paper work

» We advice and explain.

» We negotiate best possible rates.

» We connect suppliers with importers.

One customer – One responsible 7LL specialist


To increase your sense of security and reliability you will be connected to one of 7LL specialists who will be responsible for the transportation and service you need.


You can contact a specialist any time for additional offer, pricing, explanation or advice. There are no stupid questions.


We know you want your cargo to be handled carefully and with respect.


Individual aspects for every client


We care about each customer individually and we adjust offers for your business needs.


We negotiate freight rates directly with carriers to make a price as you expect. At the same time we provide you with best possible solution for your cargo, time frame and costs.


We fight for customers satisfaction and we will solve your problems and get rid of your doubts.

We are worth to put your trust in.


We are young company and it’s our advantage. We understand how important innovation is in the fast-paced environment. The world is constantly changing and speeds up every year that is why 7LL provides service as fast as possible and in the most efficient way.


We adapt and respond to changes on markets and in logistics sector, and we always inform you about new possibilities, rates, regulations, embargos, etc. For all companies operating on markets it is crucial to create growth and 7LL puts effort to optimise your logistics and achieve wanted results.