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Intensive growth of food transport in the world, especially in emerging countries, where purchasing power is growing, has an inevitable impact on eating habits.


Currently, the increase in the consumption of products from around the world is associated with a number of new challenges, and fragile and unstable products are subject to strict food safety regulations and require smooth logistics planning and visibility at every stage of the cold chain.


7LL adapts its solutions to all types of temperature-controlled products:


» Fresh products (dairy, meat, sausages etc.) + 4 ° C

» Seafood + 4 ° C

» Fruit and vegetables + 8 ° C

» Baked goods, liquid food, chocolate + 16 ° C

» Frozen products -25 ° C

7LL treats the rules and principles of food transport with the utmost seriousness and diligence.


With us, every product is safe. We are customer-oriented and provide tailor-made solutions.


Thanks to the partnership with the main airlines and shipping companies as well as the network of platforms around the world in the vicinity of key accredited centers under customs control, we ensure safe delivery of food anywhere in the world, while maintaining the highest quality.

7LL will match the solutions for all operators in the food sector:


» Food industry 

» Wholesalers 


» Distributors 

» Grocery stores 

» Hotels 

7LL offers:


» Multimodal transport and air and ocean, consolidation, express transport at controlled temperature 


» Special packaging: dry ice and ice from hydrocarbons 


» Quality control: visual checks and quantitative checks 

We understand how valuable cargo is food. We take care of it as best as we can.


We offer traceability at every stage and continuous monitoring of the refrigeration chain, including food safety checks for very perishable products.


Safety is our key. With all responsibility, we will organize transport of food while maintaining all standards, so the goods reach their final destination with their maximum quality.